9" Touch Screen Monitor

1 490 kr

1. Screen size: 9.0 inch

2. Contrast: 300:1

3. Brightness: 300cd/M2

4. Viewing angle: L/R/U/D: 60°/60°/40°/60°

5. Resolution: 480(RGB)*234

6. Pixel System: PAL, NTSC, AUTO

7. Power supply: DC12V~24V

8. Power: about 5W

9. Visible area: 230×150X25 (MM)

10. Operation temperature: -20°C~+70°C

11. Storage temperature: -30°C~+80°C

12. Video: Two-way video input, can supply power for two cameras, blue screen when no signal. 13. Rearview function: 1s switch over AV1/AV2, while no signal, the working condition will turn on the original surface.

14. Built in speaker.

15. Special function: Keep reversing status 0~15s as your preference, Benchmark, Sunshade, Headphone Jack.

16. Operational function: Audio (1~2 way audio),

17. IR Color option: Black