Renault Megane 3

4 490 kr

Hotsale points:
1,Adopt A8 chipset,it might be the best/fast CPU ever on
Car DVD player.
2,V-20 disc changer memoery (20 disc music can be memory in the unit while you listening to the music)
3,3 ZONE POP function
4,3 G internet ready.
5,All keys supply red and green LED, match your original car perfectly. plug & play installation.
6,Dual zoon function(listening music while in navigation mode).

Car compatibility:
Renault Megane 3 fluence (2010-2011)
The power cable in 2012 Renault is different, need an extra power cable P/N# 3022500790000


Digital (800 * 480 ) TFT LCD monitor
V-20 disc CDC memory.
Digital TV Double Tuner optional.
Split-Screen Image Function.
3 G internet ready.
Car DVR function(optional).
File management.
Video and Audio Copy,
1080P HD Video display.
Bluetooth Phone Book.
FM/AM tuner / RDS optional.
Auto rearviewing function
IPOD Ready function
Built-in HD GPS / Dual Zone System
Unique 3 D flash Graphical user interface

(1)1xPower cord with canbus
(2)1xGPS antenna
(3)1xIPOD cable
(4)1xUSB cable
(5)1xAUX cable
(6)1xBack Zone extend cable
(7)1xrearview camera extend cable
(8)1xexternal microphone
(9)1xanalog TV box
(10)1xanalog TV cable
(11)1xcable to disply
(12)1xRemote controller
(13)1xuser manual
(14)1xDVB-T box with MPEG4 standard (optional)
(15)1xDVR (optional)
(16)1xwifi USB (optional)
(17)1x3G dongle (optional


OBS.En avgift av 250:- tillkommer vid mottagandet av varan som levereras till din dörr via DHL.