Opel Mokka

4 490 kr

Hotsale points:
1,Adopt A8 chipset,it might be the best/fast CPU ever on
Car DVD player.
2,V-20 disc changer memoery (20 disc music can be memory in the unit while you listening to the music)
3,3 ZONE POP function
4,3 G internet ready.
5,All keys supply red and green LED, match your original car perfectly. plug & play installation.
6,Dual zoon function(listening music while in navigation mode).

Car compatibility:
Opel Mokka


Digital (800 * 480 ) TFT LCD monitor
V-20 disc CDC memory.
Digital TV Double Tuner optional.
Split-Screen Image Function.
3 G internet ready.
Car DVR function(optional).
File management.
Video and Audio Copy,
1080P HD Video display.
Bluetooth Phone Book.
FM/AM tuner / RDS optional.
Auto rearviewing function
IPOD Ready function
Built-in HD GPS / Dual Zone System
Unique 3 D flash Graphical user interface

(1)1xPower cord
(2)1xGPS antenna.
(3)1xIPOD cable
(4)1xUSB cable.
(5)1xRadio antenna.
(6)1xRemote control.
(7)1xuser manual.
(8)1xCan-bus box
(9)1xDVB-T antenna(optional)

OBS.En avgift av 250:- tillkommer vid mottagandet av varan som levereras till din dörr via DHL