MB frontkamera

990 kr

Item Type:Alarm Systems & Security


Item Height:70 mm


Model Name:FB1

Item Width:100 mm

Special Features:car front view camera

Item Length:150 mm

Material Type:plastic

Item Weight:0.35 kg

Product Description

This Camera can be hided into the Front car Logo, patent design. It CAN Help you see the ground under your front bumper to avoid damage from invisible little obstacle. It have a waterproof design and a Minimum of 0.2 Lux Night vision. Works fine in rainy weather and dark Night.


* 1. Delicated design for Benz Vehicle Logo. It can imbed the Benz Logo precisely

* 2. Waterproof IP67 / IP68

* 3. At a minimum of 0.2Lux Night vision.

* 4. Automatic white balance function

* 5. Wide angle: 175° (Diagonal)

* 6. Size: Left/Right Wing 45mm

* 7. Camera is Metal Housing

OBS. En avgift av 150:- tillkommer vid mottagandet av varan som levereras till din dörr via DHL

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